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Isola 2019 Fact Sheet

Calumet Electronics Completes Isola’s Certification Program

North American PCB fabricator is certified to process Isola’s I-Tera® MT40 laminate materials.

CHANDLER, Ariz., January 18, 2016 — Isola Group, a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), today announced that Calumet Electronics has completed Isola’s Certification Program. Isola’s technical services team audited Calumet to confirm that its manufacturing operations conform to the standards established in IPC-A-600, “Acceptability of Printed Boards” and to IPC-6012, “Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards.” These IPC standards set forth the criteria for PCB workmanship, providing comprehensive acceptance criteria for all types of surface and internal conditions of PCBs. The Isola Certification Program recognizes that Calumet is now qualified to build high-layer count PCBs using Isola’s high-speed digital, I-Tera® MT40 materials.

As a benefit of Isola’s Certification, Calumet will receive direct factory support, product training and immediate access to Isola’s entire product line. As Isola introduces new materials to support emerging markets and applications, OEMs may require additional technical support to migrate to these new materials. OEMs can rely on the credibility and expertise of certified PCB fabricators, such as Calumet, to assist with the migration to new materials.

Stephen Vairo, President/CEO at Calumet states, “The certification further validates our company’s commitment to delivering the highest quality and most reliable PCBs that will stand up to their most rigorous applications. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Isola to support our medical, avionics, aerospace and military customers worldwide.”

Elden Hendrickson, Jr., Chief Purchasing Officer and Vice President at Calumet states, “This certification was an important factor in Calumet Electronics partnering with Isola; not only for their best-in-class service and support, but their ability to supply high-performance materials for all applications, which is key to our growth strategy.”

For more information about the Isola Certification Program, please contact Isola.

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Calumet Electronics circuit boards are found in applications demanding zero failures and zero downtime. Our customers design and manufacture systems for industrial controls, power grid management, life support, medical diagnostics, avionics, aerospace and the military.

Each and every board is manufactured in North America. Calumet Electronics was founded in 1968 with the mission of creating jobs in Northern Michigan. Today, as a world leader in manufacturing high-performance PCBs, Calumet Electronics remains committed to North American manufacturing.

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