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FR406 Tg 170, Td 300
Dk 3.93, Df 0.0167
/21 /24 /26

Isola’s FR406 sets the industry standard for high-performance epoxy materials.

FR406  is engineered to meet the demands of the multilayer printed circuit board industry, while maintaining standard FR-4 processing. FR406 offers improved dimensional control, superior chemical and thermal performance and product consistency.

Key Features

High Tg — 170°C (Typical Tg)

  • Superior performance through multiple thermal excursions
  • Resistance to measling
  • Extended capabilities

UV Blocking and AOI Compatible

  • Increased throughput and accuracy
  • Compatible with all AOI equipment

FR-4 System

  • Processes as a standard FR-4

Industry Approvals

  • IPC-4101D-WAM1 /21/24/26
  • UL Recognized – FR-4, File Number E45456
  • Qualified to UL’s MCIL Program

Standard Availability

  • Thickness: 0.002″ [.05 mm] to 0.093″ [2.4 mm]
    Available in sheet or panel form
  • Copper Foil Cladding: Grade 3 (HTE), ½, 1 and 2 oz.
  • Foil Options: Reverse treat
  • Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
  • Glass Styles: Available in most standard glass styles