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IS415 Tg 200, Td 370
Dk 3.72, Df 0.0125
/98 /99 /101 /126

IS415 sets the industry standard for high thermal performance epoxy materials and is ideally suited for designs requiring high signal integrity.

This product is engineered to meet the demands of Lead (Pb) free multilayer printed circuit assembly, deliver CAF resistance with strong IST results and maintain FR-4 processing. IS415 offers good electrical performance, superior chemical and thermal performance and product consistency.

Key Features

Industry Approvals

  • IPC-4101D-WAM1   /98 /99 /101 /126 (Previously certified to IPC-4101C /21 /24 /26 /121 /124 /129)
  • UL Recognized – FR-4, File Number E41625
  • Qualified to UL’s MCIL Program

High Thermal Performance

  • Tg: 220°C (DMA), 200°C (DSC)
  • Td: 370°C
  • Superior performance through multiple thermal excursions — better than phenolic-cured systems
  • Superior chemical and thermal resistance with equivalent electrical properties to current high Tg materials
  • Lower CTE from ambient to 288°C

UV Blocking and AOI Fluorescence

  • UV blocking and enhanced florescence laser enhanced reflectance compatible with all AOI Equipment

Superior Processing

  • Standard FR-4 Processing
  • No post bake after pressing and standard E-glass fabric
  • Drilling parameters and hole wall preparation are standard

Standard Availability

  • Thickness: 0.002″ [.05 mm] to 0.093″ [2.4 mm]
    Available in sheet or panel form
  • Copper Foil Cladding: Grade 3 (HTE), ½, 1 and 2 oz.
    Higher weights available on request
  • Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
  • Glass Styles: Most standard fabrics available