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P96/P26 Tg 260, Td 396
Dk 3.76, Df 0.0179
/40 /41 /42

Isola Group offers a P96/P26 product line of polyimide-based prepreg and copper-clad laminates for high-temperature printed circuit applications.

These products consist of a flame resistant, polyimide‑resin system suitable for military, commercial or industrial electronic applications requiring superior performance and the utmost in thermal properties. These products utilize a polyimide and thermoplastic blend resin, fully cured without the use of MDA (Methylenedianiline). This results in a polymer with a high Tg without the characteristic difficulties of brittleness and low initial bond strength associated with traditional thermoset polyimides.

Key Features

Industry Approvals

  • IPC-4101D-WAM1 /41 /40/42
  • UL Recognized – GPY, File NumberE41625

High Tg – 260°C (TMA)

  • Greater thermal performance over epoxy-bismaleimide Blends

Maintains Bond Strength at High Temperature

Tough Resin System

  • Improved processing due to less brittleness
  • Less delamination from machining

Brominated Chemistry, Thermally Stable Laminate System

  • Full benefits of 100% polyimide performance

Non-MDA (Methylenedianiline) Chemistry

  • Meets all OSHA 1910.1050 requirements

Standard Availability

  • Thickness: 0.0025″ [.05 mm] to 0.125″ [3.2 mm]
    Available in sheet or panel form
  • Copper Foil Cladding: Grade 3 (HTE), 1⁄2, 1 and 2 oz.
  • Foil Options: Double treat
  • Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
  • Glass Styles: Most standard fabrics

Product Downloads

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