96094 Document 512×512

96094 Document 512x512

14 December 2020

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Isola Halogen Free Materials Webinar
Halogen-free Materials Webinar
Meeting Flame Resistance Requirements for Green Electronics: Evaluating Halogen-free Materials   Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) have successfully been used in electronic products for decades to reduce fire-related injury and damage. However, many companies have chosen non-Halogen based flame retardants in Printed Wiring Board…
High Speed Signal Integrity Solutions Demonstrated By Anritsu And Isola At DesignCon 2015
High-speed Signal Integrity Solutions Demonstrated
High-speed Signal Integrity Solutions Demonstrated by Anritsu and Isola at DesignCon 2015 Anritsu Company conducted high-speed signal integrity demonstrations alongside Isola in the Isola booth during DesignCon 2015, January 28-29 in Santa Clara. The technical display features the VectorStar™ premium family of vector…
Isola Group To Purchase Gividi Italy
Isola Group to Purchase Gividi-Italy
CHANDLER, ARIZONA, MARCH 14,2005 – Isola Group, today announced the acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of Gividi-Italy, a specialty manufacturer of fiber glass cloth for the printed circuit board industry. The company, located in Monza Italy, has revenue of over $20 million will…