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High performance laminates and prepreg materials for PCB manufacturing.

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Our products are the foundation upon which the world’s premier technology is built. From continent to continent, we bring industry-leading minds together to solve both today’s problems and tomorrow’s – even if it means inventing something completely new.

The stakes are high and failure isn’t an option. That’s why we go beyond industry standards and certifications and conduct rigorous performance testing of our own before we release anything to our customers. We make sure it’s right – right from the start.

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Products & Materials

Our high-performance laminate materials feature proprietary resin formulations engineered to satisfy the most demanding criteria in the most demanding electronic equipment.

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We perform a wide range of tests to variety of industry specifications to ensure each product meets your specific requirements. See each one in more detail and find out what they mean for you.

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Whether you need help developing a project, you need a quick turnaround or you simply need analytical testing, our teams flex right along with you.

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Looking for a certain certification or specific product documentation? We’ve got it all right here, along with industry news and interviews.

Markets we serve

We specialize in creating laminate and prepreg materials for the kind of technology that all of us use every day, all over the world.

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Automotive and Transportation

From power distribution and control systems to driver assist and infotainment, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere in today’s vehicles, both personal and professional.

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Networking and Communication Systems

PCBs are the foundation of your worldwide communication and server networks. Our high-speed digital materials provide the reliable performance that 5G global networks depend on.

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RF/Microwave PCB’s are the base of 5G wireless devices and electronic sensors. Our products can be found in everything from 5G antennas to radar devices enabling autonomous cars and trucks.

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Aerospace and Defense

PCBs used in spacecraft, satellites, air traffic control operations, and national defense applications are called upon to deliver mission-critical performance. That requires high reliability base materials to withstand conditions that can include some of the harshest and most unforgiving environments.

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Computing, Storage and Peripherals

PCBs are an integral part of computing, storage, and peripherals, which require high-speed base materials with a wide variety of dielectric properties.

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Consumer Electronics

PCBs used in tablets, gaming systems and other consumer products require base materials that deliver high performance and are readily available across the globe – from pre-production to high-volume delivery.

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Medical, Industrial and Instrumentation

PCBs can be found in a wide variety of medical, industrial and instrumentation applications – from medical imaging technology to industrial automation hardware. It’s easy to see why consistency and reliability are paramount here.

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The highest quality raw materials, supported by truly global, holistic teams of professionals. Isola products are The Base for Innovation™, and it’s our goal to foster breakthroughs that make a difference every day.