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17 December 2015

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Isola Releases IS550H Material: Interview with Experts
Interview by Nolan Johnson Nolan Johnson speaks with Michael Gay of Isola and Chris Hunrath of Insulectro about the release of their new halogen-free, high-thermal reliability material, which they hope fills the gap in the market between epoxies and polyimides.   Nolan Johnson: I understand there’s something new on the…
Isola High Speed Digital (HSD) products
Isola Group Launches New Family of IS640 Products
CHANDLER, ARIZONA, MARCH 21, 2005 – Isola Group S.a.r.l announced today the launch of the following three new products for the RF and Microwave market, IS640-300 with a nominal dielectric constant of 3.00 at 10 GHz, IS640-320 with a nominal dielectric constant of 3.20 and IS640-325 with a nominal dielectric…
Isola Grants Square Weave Patent License To Sanmina SCI Corp
Isola Grants Square Weave Patent License to Sanmina SCI Corp
CHANDLER, ARIZONA, May 20, 2009 – Isola Group S.a.r.l.,  a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance base materials for the printed circuit board industry, today announced they have entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with…