Amy Chan

13 October 2020

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Isola Products Certified To Italian Railway Standard
Isola Materials Receive Certification for Railway Applications
Isola Materials Receive Certification for Railway Applications DE104, 185HR and IS410 are the latest materials certified to railway standards. The demand for base material certified according to standards forth by the International Union of Railways and its member organizations is increasing as the transportation industry continues to define safety requirements for mass…
Article Interconnect Defects ICDs Explained
Article: Interconnect Defects (ICDs) Explained
Interconnect Defects (ICDs) Explained As featured in the July 2015 issue of Circuit Cellar Isola’s Corporate Director of Application Engineering, Doug Trobough article in the July 2015 issue of Circuit Cellar describes Interconnect Defects (ICDs). An ICD is a condition that can interfere with the internal circuit connections in…
Isola PCB Stack Up Design Course
PCB Stack Up Design Course: June 14, 2013
1-Day PCB Stack Up Design to Optimize Material Selection and Fabrication Techniques for Manufacturability, Reliability and Signal Integrity Date: June 14, 2013 Location: Stockholm, Sweden Successful fabrication of any PCB starts with selecting the right laminate materials and creating a stack up design that works. Today’s high-speed PCBs with their…