Isola Changing With the Times

Changing market conditions require changes in approach. I-Connect007’s Barry Matties and Nolan Johnson speak with Isola’s Travis Kelly, Sean Mirshafiei, and Kirk Thompson about Isola’s recent responses to market conditions. In this interview, Kelly, Mirshafiei and Thompson outline recent changes to Isola senior leadership, optimizing manufacturing to meet the needs of the global market, and the strategic importance of advanced packaging to the global economy, and to the U.S., in particular.


Barry Matties: Travis, Isola recently announced some big changes within the company organization and its distribution. What changes did you make, what’s driving those changes, and what should the industry be made aware of?


Travis Kelly: We’ve had many discussions here relative to the momentum with printed circuit boards in the U.S. and at Isola, as well as the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA), and through our customers and suppliers. We’ve spent the last two years aligning to the shifting market, and there are many changes.


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29 June 2023

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