Isola Group’s Materials Channel Millimeter Waves at 2023 EuMW

Isola Group ( is a long-time supplier of dependable materials for high-speed-digital (HSD), RF and microwave circuits and, increasingly, for millimeter-wave circuits. Isola’s representatives will be on hand to welcome visitors to their booth #326C at the upcoming 2023 European Microwave (EuMW) Exhibition and offer advice and guidance on the best use of their circuit materials for different applications, including in compact mixed-signal, multilayer circuit assemblies.


The 2023 EuMW Conference & Exhibition ( is scheduled for September 17-22, 2023, in Messe Berline HUB27 (Berlin, Germany). With more than 300 participating companies, the exhibition is expected to draw strong attendance from September 19 to 21, 2023. Visitors to Isola’s booth can check out examples of one of the electronics industry’s most diverse lines of high-performance circuit materials, including its I-Speed®, Astra® MT77, I-Tera® MT40, Tachyon® 100G, and TerraGreen® 400G circuit materials. The materials are available as laminates with a choice of copper thicknesses or as prepregs without metallization.


Low-cost I-Speed® laminate and prepreg materials bring affordability to emerging applications operating to 60 GHz and beyond, such as automotive in-cabin radar sensing systems. These RoHS-compliant circuit materials are based on an epoxy resin system and are FR-4 process compatible for fabricating multilayer circuits with excellent thermal stability. They are available with standard copper weights of 0.5 to 2.0 oz. as well as thinner and thicker copper. The typical dielectric constant (Dk) is consistent with frequency, ranging from 3.65 at 1 GHz to 3.63 at 10 GHz, both measured in the z-axis or thickness of the material. I-Speed® features low loss, with typical dissipation factor (Df) or loss tangent of 0.0058 at 1 GHz, rising only to 0.0071 at 10 GHz.


When stability with temperature is critical, especially at millimeter-wave frequencies, Astra® MT77 is an excellent foundation for many RF/microwave circuits, with lower Dk and less loss than I-Speed® materials. Also RoHS-compliant, Astra® MT77 exhibits a steady Dk value of 3.00 in the thickness or z-axis at both 2 and 10 GHz across operating temperatures from -40 to +140°C. And with a typical Df value of 0.0017 at both 2 and 10 GHz, it is among the electronic industry’s lowest-loss circuit materials available for RF through millimeter-wave frequencies.


Tachyon® 100G laminates and prepregs offer material characteristics well suited to HSD circuits in networking, computer, and aerospace/defense applications, blending well with other Isola circuit materials on mixed-signal, multilayer circuit. With typical z-axis Dk of 3.04 at 2 GHz and 3.02 at 10 GHz, Tachyon® 100G circuit materials support HSD circuits running at data rates of 100 Gb/s and beyond. Typical Df is 0.0021at 1, 5, and 10 GHz. Laminates have standard copper weights of 0.5 and 1.0 oz., with thinner copper available. And for those designing and building circuits for halogen-free applications, Isola will be at the 2023 EuMW Exhibition with their FR-4-process-compatible TerraGreen® 400G laminates and prepregs, with Dk of 3.15 in the z-axis at 2, 5, and 10 GHz and across temperatures from -55 to +125°C.


Isola’s representatives invite 2023 EuMW Exhibition attendees to Booth #326C to share their solutions concerning high-frequency, high-speed circuit designs and fabrication. They will be happy to discuss how the characteristics of the materials support different applications and how various manufacturing approaches can lead to cost-effective, repeatable circuits to 110 GHz and beyond. For more information about any of these materials, please visit the Isola website at


About Isola

Isola Group ( is a leading global developer and supplier of advanced electronic circuit materials for high-voltage, high-power, high-speed, and high-frequency PCBs. By performing ongoing R & D on emerging circuit applications, such as military radar and EW systems, commercial 5G communications networks, and vehicle electronification, and operating a network of global factories, Isola provides cost-effective, high-performance solutions for the most challenging electronic single-layer and multilayer PCB applications.







18 September 2023

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