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Automotive & Transportation
Reliability is a key driver for PCB designers in the automotive and transportation industries. Isola has developed materials engineers require to provide superior thermal endurance, both with respect to operating temperature and thermal cycling performance, achieved with patented filler technology, meeting or exceeding the most demanding customer requirements.
INetworking & Communication Systems
Networking & Communication Systems
As bandwidth becomes a more pressing issue in networking & communication systems PCB materials play an increasingly critical component. OEMs serving these markets turn to Isola for its high performance requirements and reliability of laminates that meet the highest quality demands for video, voice and satellite services and other data-intensive…
RF / Microwave
RF / Microwave
Today’s RF / microwave and millimeter wave designers are challenged more than ever with the task of achieving an optimal balance between cost and performance when selecting base materials. Key factors include precise control of dielectric thickness, dielectric constant and dissipation factor, achieving lowest tolerance within a batch as well…
Rapidly Taking Off Combat Fighter In The Air.
Aerospace & Defense
Isola’s high-speed digital and RF/microwave materials are ideal for military and aerospace applications as they offer high glass-transition temperatures, very high decomposition temperatures and low expansion rates—all attributes required for demanding military and aerospace applications. Our materials are in stock and ready to ship both domestically and abroad. Typical…
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Computing, Storage & Peripherals
Wikipedia defines “The Internet of Things” or IoT. as “the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing like devices within the existing internet infrastructure.” The increased demand for connected and smart devices requires additional bandwidth for ease of data transmission and accessibility. Isola has engineered its high-speed digital materials to support the foundation of…
Laminates for Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
High-performance laminate materials are used in a variety of advanced electronics, including high-end consumer electronics. The increasingly complex performance and environmental requirements of today’s smart devices are driving greater demand for higher performance PCBs, which require laminate materials with resins specifically formulated to satisfy demanding performance criteria.
medical laminate applications
Medical, Industrial & Instrumentation
Isola’s portfolio of high reliability, low loss materials support a variety of medical applications, including hybrid devices, implantable devices, monitoring and imaging systems with telecom and data processing capability and other smart devices. Isola Features: HDI microvia capability Multilayer capability Low outgassing Hybrid capability with Flex materials Multi-lamination capability Surface…