Laminate materials engineered to support the most demanding applications.

Isola's high-performance laminate materials are used in a variety of advanced electronics, including network and communications equipment and high-end consumer electronics, as well as advanced automotive, aerospace, military and medical applications. Demand in these markets is driven by the rapid growth of bandwidth-intensive high-speed data transmission, the expansion of the Internet of Things and the evolution of increasingly complex communications technology. These trends have led to an urgent need for the development of the underlying infrastructure to support this growth, including faster and more efficient semiconductor technology.

Isola Transportation Materials

Automotive & Transportation

Isola drives innovation into automobile, railway and aircraft electronics with thermally-reliable laminate materials.

Isola Netowrking And Communication Materials

Networking & Communication Systems

Isola helps connect with world with highly reliable and thermally robust materials.

Isola RF Microwave

RF / Microwave

Isola helps designers achieve smaller, more powerful and durable and less power hungry products.

Isola Military & Areospace

Aerospace & Defense

Isola offers high reliability and superior performance laminate materials for extreme conditions.

Network Servers 1

Computing, Storage & Peripherals

Isola’s high-speed digital materials are the base for the Internet of Things.

Isola Consumer Electronics Materials

Consumer Electronics

Isola materials helps put the consumer in control of their electronic devices.

Isola Medical Industrial And Instrumentation Materials

Medical, Industrial & Instrumentation

Isola materials provide cost savings for today’s advanced electronics.