High Speed Digital

Isola High Speed Digital

Isola offers a wide range of High-speed Digital (HSD) materials that deliver superior performance and CAF resistance. These low-loss materials are targeted for applications that require high reliability and signal integrity. Isola also offers halogen-free HSD materials for green electronics.

A successful high-speed digital product is reliant upon the PCB material selected. Several factors, such as the maximum data rate, the length of the high-speed digital channel, as well as thermal and processing considerations should be taken into account when choosing a material.


  • Excellent Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) performance
  • Superior thermal robustness
  • Lead-free assembly
Typical Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Communications and networking servers
  • Wireless handsets and infrastructure
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Test & measurement
  • Backplanes
ProductCTE Z-axisTg
by TMA
Tachyon® 100G2.52003603.020.0021
I-Tera® MT402.82003603.450.0031

Webinars, Videos & Articles

Stack-up and routing optimization by understanding micro-scale PCB effects (Technical Paper)

This paper presents an experimental, numerical, and analytical investigation of the important role that micro-scale PCB effects play in defining the characteristic impedance of interconnects, the associated attenuation and phase constant, and the appearance of resonances in the insertion and return loss.

New Developments in High Frequency Dielectric Measurements of PWB Materials Part II: Applications of the Bereskin Method to PWB Materials (Technical Paper)

This paper discusses how a relatively easy and repeatable technique is presented for measuring the Dielectric Constant and Dissipation Factor (Dk/Df) of PWB materials for frequencies in the range of 1.5 GHz to 12 GHz.

Thermal Management of PCBs in Embedded Systems (Presentation)

This presentation discusses thermal management considerations for embedded systems.

SITV’s Stack-ups and Loss (Presentation)

This presentation outlines SITV stack-ups general, loss characterization and balancing resin content.

New Thermoset PCB Materials Improve Millimeter Wave Performance and Reliability at Reduced Cost (Presentation)

This presentation discusses the following:
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
- Requirements for Operation in mmWave Frequency Band
- Requirements for Automotive Safety Systems
- Available Materials
- Case Study: Automotive RADAR

Thermosets' Cost and Reliability Advantages for Automotive Radar PCBs (White Paper)

This paper discusses how new thermoset resins are emerging as a viable alternative for advanced automotive safety systems by offering cost and reliability advantages over

Making Sense of Laminate Dielectric Properties (Technical Paper)

This paper highlights the critical selection factors that go beyond a typical product data sheet and explains how these factors must be considered when selecting materials for high speed applications.

Laminate Materials with Low Dielectric Properties (Technical Paper)

This paper focuses on new laminate materials with potential uses in multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) for high-speed digital/RF/microwave applications.


This paper discusses laser and plasma ablatable dielectric materials, available as coatings on copper.

Anisotropic Design Considerations for 28 Gbps Via to Stripline Transitions (Technical Paper)

This paper discusses how for 28-56 Gb/s design the homogeneous isotropic material assumption is a key impediment in model to measurement correlation.

Detroit vs. Silicon Valley: What’s Driving the Proliferation of Automotive Electronics? (Article)

This article discusses how technology is changing the automotive industry.

Signal Integrity Considerations in High-Reliability Designs (Article)

This article outlines the challenges for lead-free designs with demanding signal integrity requirements while managing cost constraints and dispels the perception that signal integrity material challenges only exist with very high-speed applications, requiring long transmission lines.

Quantifying Timing Skew In Differential Signaling using Practical Fiber Weave Model (Presentation)

This presentation outlines practical fiber weave effect model for skew and jitter.

PCB Material Selection for High-speed Digital Designs (Presentation)

This presentation describes PCB factors that limit high-speed digital performance and the PCB material selection process and Isola product solutions.

Enabling Lower Cost Advanced Automotive Safety Systems Through Hybrid PCB Construction (Presentation)

This presentation describes Printed Circuit Board (PCB) requirements for advanced automotive safety systems; hybrid PCB construction and benefits and material availability.